Syllabus for Short Term Courses- One Year (3 modules)

About A.V.E. Cell
The Audio Visual Education Cell of the Board of Intermediate Education, A.P. was created in 1987 to plan, organize, supervise and co-ordinate with various agencies in the preparation of lessons for the benefit of Intermediate students in the form of  Audio Visual cassettes to be telecasted through Ku-Band on Mana T.V. 

So far the A.V.E. Cell has produced about 523 cassettes, out of which nearly 270 cassettes have been telecasted through MANA TV under Channel - I and another 140 cassettes are under production. Channel-II is an interactive channel with Live telecast.

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1)) Rc.No.186/ERTW/Ku-Band/06, dt. 12.06.2007
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2) Rc.No.186/ERTW-I/Ku-Band/04, dt. 14.11.2006
Download Size:47.3 KB

3) Rc.No.13/ERTW/Ku-Band/04, dt. 29.06.2006
Download Size:47.3 KB

4) Rc.No.186/ERTW-1/KuBand/06, dt. 01.02.2006
Download Size:84 KB

5) Rc.No.14/ERTW-1/Ku Band-Tele Edn./03, dt. 31.10.03
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6) Rc.No.52/ERTW-1/Ku Band/Tele Edn./03, dt. 27.5.03
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